Malladi Brothers and Akkarai Sisters for Kalasagaram, Secunderabad

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#1 Malladi Brothers and Akkarai Sisters for Kalasagaram, Secunderabad

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I could not attend the concerts. These notes are from someone who enjoys Carnatic but is not very literate in its intricacies, so there might be errors. The phone autocorrect also distorted a few things.

Malladi Brothers - 9th Feb 2020

Cheluvuda ninne Korn
Sadachaleswsaram bhavayeham - Bhoopala - Muthuswami Dikshitar
Tulasi Jagatjanani - Thyagaraja
Chandram Bhaje Manasa - Asaveri - Muthuswami Dikshitar
Sri Rama Neevu Adukondovu Konami - Kalyani
Kataikal Bhavai Yedu Podume - Kambhoji
Ninne namminanu sada - Todi - Shyama Sastry - Main
RTP - Saradhe Vagadheeshwari Paradevate Pahi
Paramapurusha Manuyayama Sakhi - Narayana Teertha
Ithadena ee lokumuloni - Ramadasu

Akkarai Sisters - 10th Feb 2020

Inta kopamelara Rama
Teliyaleru Rama
Amma Ravamma
Ardhanareeswaram Aradhayami
Karunakari Devi Kamakshi - Akkarai Sornalatha- Sumanasaranjani
Koluva Mare Gada Kodandapani - Main
Karunai Kanparai Kanna - Grandfather S P Sivasubramanian
Baraya Venkataramana
Narayane te namo namo

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#2 Re: Malladi Brothers and Akkarai Sisters for Kalasagaram, Secunderabad

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1stly, these 2 concerts were a part of the series of the 173rd Thyagaraja aradhana & 30th Annual festival of the ‘All-Ladies sabha’ the Sharada Cultural Trust, Secunderabad.
I could attend only a few, about which I will be posting soon. I had to miss Akkarai Sisters & N. J. Nandini due to personal commitments. My bad luck!

Malladi Brothers performed on the 2nd day, 9th Feb 2020.
Accompaniments: Nagai Sriram, Neyveli Narayanan & Nerkundram Sankar
The song list:
1. Cheluvuda ninne – varnam – Ananda Bhairavi – ammasatram kannuswamy pillai
2. Sadachaleswaram bhavayeham - Bhoopala – MD (raga sketch for 2 min)
3. Tulasi Jagatjanani – Saveri- T
4. Slokam “Om Dadhi sankha thusharabham..” followed by Chandram Bhaja Manasa - Asaveri - MD
5. Rama Nee vAdukondovO KonavO – Kalyani – T (R: 10 min. Vio: 6 min; N&S @ nee japame..)
6. KadaikkaN pArvai adhu pOdume – Khamas – P Sivan
7. Ninne namminanu sada - Todi - S S ( R : 16 min, N& [email protected] kAmAkshi kanjadalAya dAkshi)
8. Tani: 12 min
9. RTP – vAgadheeshwari -, R: 7 min, pallavi: “Saradhe vAgadheeshwari paradevate pAhi”
10. Parama purusha manuyama vayam Sakhi - Narayana Teertha
11. Ithadena ee lokumulo – Ramadasu
12. Mangalam

It being a Sunday, the chairs were filling up fast, but due to the announcements, felicitation of the artistes etc., the concert began by ~ 6.50 PM. The brothers began the concert with the traditional varnam rendered in 2 speeds, with melodious soft strokes. Then after a short sketch of bhoopalam by SRP, they sang the MD kriti with their usual clear diction and brisk, beautiful brigas studded throughout. Ending with a soulful ‘girija moham’ left us in a tranquil state. Tulasi jagatjanani in praise of the Mother was a new for me; I enjoyed this item in chaste telugu very much!! Thank you Sirs for this befitting song in this ‘All-ladies’ sabha! Next, when the navagraha slokam on the moon began, some people were perplexed, “today is Sunday, but why about the moon rather than the sun-god..”. To break the suspense, Sreeramprasad announced in telugu that it was an auspicious day, being the maakha-poornima & aadhi vaaram, vyasa-pournami & also ‘giri pradakshinam’ in Arunachalam, they have chosen to render on ‘chandrA’. This Sanskrit kriti by MD was another bonus to hear the MB singing. Submain in kalyani was superb! Their beautiful short volleys of swarams are always delightful. Next, the filler thamizh kriti of P. Sivan was also new for some it seemed.

The main commenced with a very detailed todi alapana initially by the older sibling, followed by alternating rounds by both for nearly 16 min and the sweet violin return by Nagai Sriram, were well received by the rasikas. Even before starting the alapana, they announced that ‘after this main item & tani aavarthanam, they have a planned a special RTP; and also to stay during the tani’. The Syama sastry’s masterpiece ‘ninne namminanu’ again on the Divine mother was treated with soothing touches, full of serenity & grandeur. Next, the short RTP in vagadeeshwari was another dessert of the evening, the significance of the pallavi lines as a tribute to the “All-ladies organisation”- the sthree-shakti. Special mention needs to be made about the octogenarian Ambujam Mami, one of the founders & who is still active in the Executive committee of the sabha, being present on all the days till the end, climbing on to the stage to greet the artistes after the concert etc.,. I call her the “Amazing Ambujam” mami. Coming back to the topic, after the tanam and pallavi, the swara ragamalika was composed in poornachandrika, chandrajyothi, ravichandrika & suryakantham. Again they announced that, these were chosen to mark the “Maakha-maasa-aadivaara poornima”. Tukkadas had to be hurried–up with 2 songs, only as it was pretty late. All the 3 accompanists with their able & apt support made it a very enjoyable! Overall it was a nice beginning (vocal concert) of the series!!

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