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#1 Dikshitar's kriti...........

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To which deity is the kriti maragathavalli manasa smarami in kambhodi dedicated?
Is it the Mohini avatharam of Maha Vishnu?

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#2 Re: Dikshitar's kriti...........

Post by bala94ms »

The Following Info is Collected from Sri TKG's Diksithar Book

The Krithi was composed at the Kshetra Virinchipuram, which is about 13 km from Vellore

Pallavi :
Maragathavalli Manasasmaraami Madana janakadhi devA Palini (Maraga)

Hari hrudhaye Vesinim Mohinim Harihara puthra jananim Nalinim
Krura thaithyadhi brundha mardhanim guruguhathinudha valli vasinim

The Meaning:

I meditate in my mind on Goddess MARAGATHAVALLI, who protects the gods like Vishnu, the Father of Cupid, Who inspired in the hearts of Hari and SHE IS MOHINI. She is the Mother of Sastha/ Hariharaputra ; is elegant one who destroys the hordes of Asuras who resides in the Sacred Fire, which is Worshipped by Guruguha and others.

With the Meaning we can Infer that this Krithi is composed on Mohini, the mother of Sastha.

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#3 Re: Dikshitar's kriti...........

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Krura *thaithyadhi* brundha mardhanim *guruguhathinudha* *valli* vasinim...*daityAdi* *guruguhADhinuta* *vahni *

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#4 Re: Dikshitar's kriti...........

Post by rshankar »

The kRti being in sanskRt, it should be marakatavallIM - the k-g change occurs with writing the lyrics in tamizh, and it also results in one more, i.e., the t-d switch, with the result that marakata becomes (erroneously) maragada. Also, it should be harihRdaya AvESinIM
Here are the lyrics from Sri PPN:

rAgaM : kAmbhoji (28)
marakatavallIM manasA smarAmi madanajanakAdidevapAlinIM
samashThi caraNam
harihRdayAveSinIM mohinIM hariharaputrajananIM nalinIM
krUradaityAdibRndamardinIM guruguhAdinutavahnivAsinIM

I guess the confusion for me is that mOhini is typically identified as vishNu himself - for example, in the composition candracUDa, Sri PD refers to Siva as the husband of vishNu - 'gOpalanemba heNNigE marulAdavanu nInE...'
But here, Sri MD seems to describe mOhinI as a separate entity - the one who resides in/takes possession of (AvESiNIM) the heart (hRdaya) of vishNu (hari), the mother of harihara putra...
Can someone please explain?

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#5 Re: Dikshitar's kriti...........

Post by emkay007 »

It is...Hara not Hari...

'hara hRdaya-AvESinIM mOhinIM
hari hara putra jananIM naLinIM
krUra daitya-Adi bRnda mardinIM
guru guha-Adi nuta vahni vAsinIm'

The explanation for Mohini is here..
http://guru-guha.blogspot.co.nz/2008/04 ... -raga.html

hara hRdaya-AvESinIM mOhinIM - the one who entered the heart of Shiva as the enchantress,
hari hara putra jananIM - (and became)the mother of Shasta (son of Vishnu and Shiva),
naLinIM - the one lovely as a lotus-creeper,
krUra daitya-Adi bRnda mardinIM - the destroyer of groups of cruel demons etc.,
guru guha-Adi nuta - the one praised by Guruguha and others,
vahni vAsinIm - the one residing in fire.

This Kriti is in the second Vibhakti
The name ‘naLinI’ is found in the Lalita Sahasranama
The name ‘vahni maNDala vAsinI’ is found in the Lalita Sahasranama similar to the epithet here
Since Vishnu is considered another form of Parvati or Lalita (and hence also called her brother), his incarnation as Mohini is identified with her.

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#6 Re: Dikshitar's kriti...........

Post by thenpaanan »

emkay007 wrote: 03 May 2018, 11:26 It is...Hara not Hari...

'hara hRdaya-AvESinIM mOhinIM
hari hara putra jananIM naLinIM
krUra daitya-Adi bRnda mardinIM
guru guha-Adi nuta vahni vAsinIm'
This has bothered me as well. When I learned this kriti from B Rajam Iyer he very emphatically taught it as 'harihRdaya' rather than 'harahRdaya'. I recall him emphasizing that one should sing "harihRdaya AvESinIm" as you say as opposed to the commonly heard 'harihRdayA vESinIm' which has quite a different connotation. But wherever I've looked (in text or audio) the song is always presented as 'harihRdaya' which does not really make sense in this context.


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