meaning- eppO varuvarO

Place to go if you want to ask someone identify raga, tala, composer etc or ask for sāhitya (lyrics) or notations or translations.
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If anyone has the detailed meaning of this beautiful tamil song, post it for me, please.
Thank in advance.

eppOvaruvArO-enthan kalithIra-eppOvaruvArO

seppiyathillai cithampara thEvan

caraNam 1
n-aRparuvam van-thu n-Athanaith thEdum
kaRpanaikaL muRRak kAtchi than-thAn

caraNam 2
aRpasuka vAzvil Anan-tham koNdEn
poRpathaththaik kaaNEn ponnampalavANan

caraNam 3
bAlakirushNan pORRip paNin-thidumIsan
mElE kAthal koNdEn veLippadakkANEn

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I know that you just need vakyArtha, but I have provided both padArtha and vAkyArtha, with some corrections in the lyrics....this is a lovely piece to emote to - GOOD LUCK with the choreography.

eppo = when
varuvArO = will he come
endan = my
kali = karma
tIra = completed/removed

When will He come to relieve me of my worldly burdens?

Seppiya = the famous (the one who is talked about so much)
tillai cidambara = (of) cidambaram
dEvan = the god of, the lord of

The anupallavi gives the name and address of the person who is awaited in the pallavi: He is none other than the famous Lord of tillai or cidambaram (cit+ambaram = the theater of one's consciousness, as well as the physical place)...Lord naTana sabESa/naTarAjA...

nar paruvam = a good time
vandu = when (the time) arrived
nAthanai tEDum = when I search (tEDum) for my Lord (nAthan)
kaRpanaikaL = my imagination/beyond my wildest imagination
muRRa = literally means maturing, but here, I think it refers to the limit (of imagination)
kATSi tandAn = He gave (tandAn) me a vison (kATSi) of himself

As I searched for him at the appropriate time, and when my imagination had run riot and reached it's limits, He revealed himself to me.

aRpa = tiny/little/meager
sukha vAzhvil = pleasures of worldly life
Anandam konDEn = I made myself (konDEn) happy (Anandam)
pOR pAdattai = (His) golden (pon) feet (pAdam)
kANEn = did not see
ponambalavANan = the lord of the Golden theater (In Siva purANam, the theater for the Lord's cosmic dance is considered to be made of gold in tillai, silver in Madurai, copper in kuRRAlam etc...) ALL of these sabhai's or theater's are extolled in ANDavan pitccai's song 'ADavallAn, yemmai ALavallAn'....

The composer (GKB) says that while he was immeresed in the fleeting and ephemeral pleasures of worldly life, he forgot or failed to see the golden, compassionate refuge at the feet of the Lord of the golden theater.

bAlakrishNan = the Poet (GKB's mudra)
pORRi paNindiDum = (the one who is) worshipped (pORRi) by and bowed to (paNindiDum)
ISan mEl = on/with (mEl) the Lord (ISan)
kAdal konDEn = (I have) fallen in love (kAdal konDEn)
veLippaDa = apparent to the world/open/not hidden
kANEn = I do not see him

The poet then concludes that he has fallen in love with the Lord that he wroships and bows down to, but that Lord is yet to openly acknowledge it or reciprocate it.

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thank you so much!!!



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You may have copied the lyrics in Roman script from
The anupallavi line given there is incomplete. It starts with "seppiya". Who seppiya?
rshankar struggled (because of this incomplete line) to give meaning for this line.

The actual anupallavi goes as follows:

appar mudal mUvarum ALuDai aDigaLum
seppiya tillai cidambara dEvan

It means starting with appar, sambhandar, sundarar and mANikkavAcagar (ALuDai aDigaL) spoke highly of the Lord of tillai (cidambaram).
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The way I have heard the anupallavi is as 'chidambara nAthan'.

Ravi, it is interesting that the word 'muTRiya' has all these meanings in this context: to end in, to mature into, result in, get fulfilled.

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Yes, Arasi...they are all completely appropriate...beautiful...

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#7 Re: meaning- eppO varuvarO

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Thanks for the details of this beautiful song. . . helped me in my recent choreography :)

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