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#1 Ashtapadi

Post by ajaysimha »

hello rasikas,

can anyone share information on Ashtapadi?

ashtakam(ref. to shlokams) and Ashtapadhi(ref. to kavyas) are they same in structure ?

and the popular Ashtapadi is geetha govindam by jayadeva kavi
while we also have rama-ashtapadi and shiva-ashtapadhi.

ajay simha

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#2 Re: Ashtapadi

Post by kmrasika »

In general, think the 'pada' suffix denotes that there are parts of the song. Am not an expert on Sanskrit composition, but the term itself may refer to the meter of the composition.

Aside those mentioned by ajaysimha, they're also protypes of these, such as guhāṣṭapadī, ambāṣṭapadī and śastāṣṭapadī.

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