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This would be the 13th sampUrna mEla (ya is a '1' in the y-r-l-v-sh row and ga is a '3' in the k-kh-g-gh-(g)na row so that makes 13 and that's how the kaTapayadi system works, 1 starting from each of the rows of each letter in that word).

So the ArOhanam avarOhanam goes like so :
Aro : S R1 G3 M1 P D1 N1 S
Avaro : S N1 D1 P M1 G3 R1 S

And to illustrate we have - (I remember Nookala Chinna Satyanarayana using this style of demonstrating the rAgA scale)

N1 is the vivAdi swara. This, combined with the M1 G3 R1 S combination, gives the rAgA a dark and absorbing character

Side Note : mAyAmAlavagauLa is in the same group of 6, only 2 places away. The Agni chakra as it is called, begins with gAyakapriyA

So bring on the mElakarta heavyweights - starting with TSK (audio volume too low) :

A sweeping take on the whole set of 6, starting with gAyakapriyA by MS Amma in praNatArthihara (the 72 mEla rAgamAlika kriti) -

Koteeswara Iyer of course has his composition (nAda nilai kanDu), sung by this year's SK, Dr. S Sowmya : (it's from an official channel - Amutham Music videos)

And speaking of Nookala Chinna Satyanarayana, here he is :

To move on to BMK :

The last link is a new find for me, a set of 72 varnams in the 72 mEla rAgAs by Nallan Chakravarthy Murthy :

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