Sandeep [email protected] Temple (T Nagar) on Sept 29th,2019

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#1 Sandeep [email protected] Temple (T Nagar) on Sept 29th,2019

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Sandeep [email protected] Temple (T Nagar) on Sept 29th,2019
Vocal : Sandeep Narayan
Violin : B Ananthakrishnan
Mrudangam : B Ganapathyraman
Kanjira : Sunilkumar
Tambura : Vaidyanathan

Concert Type : Nirvana and free
Time/Day : 6:40 pm to 08:35 pm , sunday
Sabha : sringeri temple conducts navarathri series year on year
Hall : Sringeri Sharada temple

01. vanajAkshirO varnam - kalyani - Poochi Iyengar
4 mins swaras
02. karunAkaranE shivasankaranE (RS,N) - keeravani- PSivan
7 mins neraval in bhaktaraik-kAkkum aruTkaDal nIyE

03. rAja rAja rAdhithE (R, CS) - niroshta - HMB
7 mins alapana and 5 mins violin return
04. sevikka vEndumayya (S) - AndOlika - MT
7 mins swaras
05. pArvathi ninnE - kalgada - Shyama Sastri

06A. janani ninnuvinA (R S T) - reetigowlai - Subbaraya Sastri
11 mins alapana and 5 mins violin return
6 mins swaras
06B. tani for 11 mins

07. ninnnayE rathiendru - bhAgeshri - Bharathiyar
08A. viruththam - mannuLagiL sirandha punniya - sindhubhairavi + kannaniN sodhanaiyE - ranjani + ennilA vadivamAgi - madhyamavati - ?? (help needed on viruththam author)
08B. karpagamE - madhyamavati - psivan

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#2 Re: Sandeep [email protected] Temple (T Nagar) on Sept 29th,2019

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Navarathri has started , every one usually looks forward for mainly two : sundal and dolls at house . Few also look at going out to hear carnatic music cannibalizing some time away from visitors of dolls and sundal. For the past 2 days saturday and sunday wanted to go for two concerts . Due to parental responsibility evening time live concert gets cannibalized to run an errand for kid. On sunday made up my mind to be at Vignesh Ishwar as it was a 06 15 pm at mylapore ragasudha . Few cycles of delay and possible traffic jam of damn it Gemini pushed me to go for a 06:30 pm concert of Sandeep at mambalam. Chennai is actually quite good for choices during navarathri- sleepy mambalam also fires along with always firing mylapore.

The venue Sringeri temple is not acoustically rich , it is just around average .As i had made entry at 06 30 pm , sandeep and team were just settling and the concert started at 06 40 pm . Start was in kalyani , sandeep packed energy more in the second half(the school was evident Sanjay-KolkataKrishnamurthy-GNB) but incidentally had a sure poochi bug , sound balance was not perfect .At many places the percussion was not aiding sandeep. Sandeep went bit in deepsand but hey donot blame him this is melakartha 65 and it is also a varanam.

Sandeep moved on with a sketch of keeravani alapana and he began karunakarane , the extraordinary composition of Papanasam sivan . Around that time i just realized that i was seated next to a lady who is the daughter of vidwan who moved on 6 years back around this time . That vidwan learnt this composition from a much younger vidwan Balaji Shankar . At the end of keeravani I told TRS mAmA's daughter , you must have heard keeravani from your appa . His daughter said "Oh yes" , she also added appa has moved on it is 6 years, i cannot believe it . Sandeep was really superb in keeravani , for me there is joy in hearing this ragam and for that matter any song in this ragam . The neraval was well done and particulary with a longer cycle of madhyamakALam cycle sandeep gelled very well with the percussion .

THe next raga was announced early by sandeep. That was niroshta . Superb brigas and lovely brigas with deep intense ideas . ALapana of niroshta was some thing that i heard few times , i vaguely recollect TNS singing that . I have completely forgotten how niroshta alapana would aurally be one has to give it to sandeep to refresh my memory. Long alapana return by Ananthakrishnan was done very well, the long was signalled by sandeep . The song rAja rAja rajithe with its cute 2 rounds of cittaswaras was well done , percussion gelling was not that great it was just like niroshtha character the two lips vocal and mrudangam did not touch that well

Sevikka vendumayya with swaras were very creative for significant laya poruttam . THe closing cycles of swaras in AndOlika had definite manaseega influence with the one and only ganakaladhara superstar was distinct - i am saying that distinct MMI crescendo . Shyama sastri came in quick as kalgada , nice number for sure . Around that time TRS mama's daughter left and i told her unga appA maathiri keeravani yaaralaliyum pAdamudiyAdhu.

ALapana of reetigowlai was lovely and as expected janani ninuvina came in. Subbaraya sastri janani krithi is a testimony of how subbaraya sastri has incorporated the best of Trinities . Sandeep could have stuck with the little more longer cycle of bit patient and resplendent reetigowlai . He did a bit of laya kanakku which did not interest me at all towards second half , swaras were quite heavy in excess brigas and he also cut short a bit.

All the tukkadas were well done . I would love to know who was the viruththam author . Very well done especially i loved the ranjani part that had some words praising kapALi eeswara too . I am assuming his guru sanjay tuned the bhageshri krithi of ninnayE rathiendru (i may be wrong some one can correct me the tunesmith) and i enjoyed that a lot . MMI flourish came in again with karpagamE , nice for me atleast my plan for mile Oh pour settled with Mambalam karpagamE with sharadambal.

Violinist B Ananthakrishna played responsively , i am asssuming he was directed by sign language to play longer cycle of niroshta alapana ,He has good azhuttam and he gives lot of space to vocalist.B Ganapathyraman has intelligence to change patterns but i miss bit more strength in his right . He did pep up well especially keeravani . Sunilkumar is a star to watch , his patterns have the right thunder . May i know who is the guru of Sunilkumar

All said sandeep is an impressive musician with lot of ideas in stage which is his lovely strength. Bit less brigas to control his quality of voice to bring more sharper notes will help .To that extent like his musicallly brilliant guru sanjay -there is the replication of the same strength and weakness . This is a short concert and i thought he did great justice.Sandeep enjoys every moment and i did too with the team.

Overall a very good to excellent concert for 1 hour and 50 mins.

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