[email protected] kamakshi Temple (Madipakkam) on Sept 30th,2019

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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#1 [email protected] kamakshi Temple (Madipakkam) on Sept 30th,2019

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[email protected] kamakshi Temple (Madipakkam) on Sept 30th,2019
Vocal : Suryaprakash
Violin : Melakaveri Thyagarajan
Mrudangam : Melakaveri Balaji
Ghatam : Adambakkam Shankar
Tambura : Android or iPhone Gadget

Concert Type : Nirvana and free
Time/Day : 6:45 pm to 09:40 pm , Monday
Sabha : 11th navarathri series , banner says 11th year , they are holding a 10 day series
Hall : navashakthi kamakshi Temple

01. varnam - neeyE sakala bhuvanam pOTrum (Raga sketch) - brindavani - Suryaprakash
02. mahagaNapathim (RS,S) - nAttai- MD
7 mins swaras

03. mAmava sadA janani (S) - KAnadA - ST
6 mins swaras

04. vaageshwari vani(R N S) - saraswati - HMB
8 mins alapana and 4 mins violin return
5 mins neraval in neevE jeeva shakthi jnAna bhukti
2 mins swaras

05. janani ninnuvinA (R) - reetigowlai - Subbaraya sastri
9 mins alapana and 5 mins violin return
06. manavyAlakincharA (S) - nalinAkAnthi - T
9 mins swaras

07. vellai thAMarai - bhimplas - mahakavi bharathiyAr
08A. kamalAmbAm bhajarE (R S T)- kalyani - MD
16 mins alapana and 7 mins violin return
swaras for 11 mins
08B. tani for 21 mins

09. kAna vEndAmO - shriranjani - p sivan
10A. viruththam kunram eRindadhum - hameerkalyani + aNrangu - bHAgeshri + kalpODumbiL kAthathuvum - kApi + kaivEl - sindhubhairavi - thirumurugAtrupadai
10B. manadirkku ugaNdhadhu- sindhubhairavi - Tanjore Sankara iyer

11. Thillana - tana dhirana...kolamayil meedhinile kUthithuEri varuvAyO - sumanesaranjani - Suryaprakash
12. eppa varuVarO - jONpuri - GKB
13. shirparai yOgiyar(karpagamE) - madhyamavati - P SIvan

14A. neenAma roopamulaku - sowrashtram - T
14B. mangalam kOsalEndrAya - madhyamavati
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#2 Re: [email protected] kamakshi Temple (Madipakkam) on Sept 30th,2019

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Concerts usually have quadrant team -a vocalist , mrudangist , violinist , upapakkavadyaist. The constraint of halls having not the best of audio settings is always there in 9 out of 10 halls. While if all four quadrants join together at times the sound overload hits you as a rasika . From the days of recordings of himalayan greats who all sang before i was even born , i love concerts where there is 2 quadrant forward strikers(GNB-PMI + MMI-PSP ) and a 2 quadrant defensive backups . The defensive backups have to watch closely to just fill the lung gap of forward strikers and preferably act like mothers .Their role is to give more limelight and navashakthi power to the 2 quadrant forward strikers . THe 2 quadrant forward strikers are the vocalist and mrudu angam artist . The 2 quadrant defensive backups are the violinist and upapakkavadyam (in this case ghatam) artist. This concert is a testimony where each of them played very clearly the role .They say the sum total of parts is far more than the individual parts. I have not been to madipakkam at all to hear any concerts , it looks it is going to seriously contend and overtake in musical content the neighbouring nanganallur.

THe concert had atleast 2 special musical strikes:

1. Varnam and Thillana where the chosen raga does not have a varnam and thillana
THe start in brindavani raga alapana was superb . Brinda vani/vanasaranga has special space in my psyche. Even if you shout at the top of your voice , these 2 ragas with its intrinsic emote has so much of inbuilt soothing charm to your ears. What a joy to hear a brindavani varnam , varnams if it has a longer typecast and assorted gestalt , that indeed gives more classical insights to ragas . THis varnam bit reminded like that famous MDR varnam roopamu juchi , certainly had a bit more contemporary flair of addressing Lord Krishna as kanna and few more thamizh phrases bit reminding of LGJ famous varnam in charukEsi . More than the start of the varnam "neeyE sakala bhuvanam" towards the second half words like "kanna manivannA kamalapadam vaiththu " certainly depicts the playfulness of Lord Baby krishna in a fascinating brindavani.This is the first time i am hearing the varnam in brindavani which is suryaprakash's own composition

The last in sumanesaranjani was equally interesting . Tanjore S Kalyanaraman and sumanesaranjani are inseperable in my psyche . To a great extent suryaprakash has the voice texture and approach of at times singing quick POdi sangathis like SKR. 15 years back once a popular violinist even told me when i did not even know that much SKR where comparison of skr and suryaprakash was made by that veteran artist. This thillana was on Lord Muruga superb choice of words to give sumanesa ranjani lift like "kolamayiL meedhinilE kuthithuEri varuvAyO " where the joy of adding an extra rasa of sumanesa ranjani kuthithEri varuvAyo was superb. This thillana I am hearing after a week or so . I heard his sishya by name Sreya Sankar singing in a facebook recording from Boston when sreya had her arangetram .Sumanesaranjani thillana boney was from sishya and then second strike was only from the composer guru.

2. Neraval and Swaras in this concert
Superb neraval in the lines neeve jeeva shakthi where once or twice while maintaining the steady sarvalaghu kalapramanam and replacing neeve "jeeva" shakthi with neeva "naadha" shakthi which was the temple name was well received . THe swaras in nalinakanthi was one of a kind , if i could say suryaprakash was "FUMSS- FUnctionally Mmi but Structurally trS" in swaras . THe kalyani kuraippu swaras(pa ma ga ri ga ga kuraippu and then ......) and the joy of longer bandwagon of sarvalaghu was superb. The nattai swaras and kAnada were well done but nothing to beat nalinakanthi and kalyani . I would not rate saraswati that much in swaras as he purposely kept it short which went with the overall flow .

General Review
There was definitely a nice song selection with a variety of spread of composers . I loved in particular the excess indulgence of Kapi in viruththam where roughly two dozen names of Lord muruga was told in all flavours of coffee ranging from chicory (senthil vadivelA ) to cappucinO (ambikai bALa). The janani ninnuvina was deep with SSI influence in plenty and the navarathri was bit more special with that lovely ST krithi mAMava sadha janani with superb kAnada.

The success of this concert was simply because melakaveri balaji ran in tandem with Suryaprakash . To hear the distinct aura of shruthi vadhyam mrudangam is quite a challenge , balaji of late is playing very well . Few years back at times there was a lot of silence with melakaveri balaji now there is only organic minimal silence ,he concentrates on quality of sound a lot . It was personally a joy as i sat facing him where i could see his possible influence of Pazhani subramania pillai thoppi . THank you both thiagarajan and shankar , this place is their home ground (like balaji ),but they only added strength where it was genuinely needed . No extra vitamin supplements to give hear overdose.

There is just two things i did not like in the concert , one is eppa varuvArO which was asked by an elderly lady, i was feeling quite anxious at that time as i had come long distance . But i had a chance to sit next to VK Sivakumar (flute artist). Incidentally I forgot VK SIvakumar and i told him i have seen you some time back and askd him if he was a percussion artist .He said no i am student of Flute R Ramani , then i recollected last year i heard VK sivakumar playing flute for Mohan (kamalamba is his id) yearly series. As VK Sivakumar dropped me in st thomas mount station i was thinking kamalAmba id and also the kamalAmba mutthuswami dikshitar , i just heard it again today morning from my poor mobile recording that was a class . THe second thing which was not to my liking is melakaveri balaji could have had a bit reduced tani from 21 mins and also was quite loud in second round . That round had a lot of strikes was bit overload for me , the perils of sitting for 3 hours where speakers are quite close in these makeshit temple halls .All said the crowd lapped the entire concert with regular applause .

This place i came from velachery station and went back from st thomas mount station. I had half a day off as i had to do something for my kid at 3 to 5 pm. Thanks to Vidwan flutist VK Sivakumar who dropped me at mount , if he did not drop me ,i would have unmounted at the midpoint of tani .This place is sariyAna dokku like say pozhichalur but has great music to offer for near 3 hours.

Overall an excellent to outstanding concert for 2 hours and 55 mins .

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