Ramakrishnan [email protected] Music Circle on Oct 20th,2019

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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#1 Ramakrishnan [email protected] Music Circle on Oct 20th,2019

Post by rajeshnat »

Ramakrishnan [email protected] Music Circle on Oct 20th,2019
Vocal : Ramakrishnan Murthy
Violin : L Ramakrishnan
Mrudangam : Kishore Ramesh
Tambura : A young lady
Shruthi Box: TRS mama's daughter Vijaya (Surprise for me)

Concert Type : Nirvana and free
Time/Day : 6:00 pm to 08:45 pm ,SunDay
Sabha : Annanagar Music Circle Trust , PSB Mini Hall -18th Main Road , Annanagar

01. varnam - shankarabharanam ??
02. ??
I was late missed the two some one can add the above two please

03. niravadhi sukhadA (N,S) - Ravichandrika - T
neraval for 3 mins in mAmava marakata maNI nibha dEha shrImaNI and swaras for 6 mins
04.Devi brova samayamidhe (R,S) starting with Loka Janani naa pai daya - cintamani -SS
3 mins alapana each and equal violin return

05.vinarAdha manavi (R,S) - devagandhari - T
2 mins each for alapana and 3 mins swaras

06A. kArthikeya gAngEya (R,S,T) - tOdi - Psivan
11 mins alapana and 9 mins violin return
swaras for 12 mins
06B. tani for 13 mins

07A. moulav ganga -slokham - shree ragam - AppayaDikshitar
07B. Shree vishwanatham bhajEham - chaturdasaragamaliga 14 ragas -shree + Arabi + gowri + nAttai + Gowlai + mohanam + sAmA + Lalitha + bhairavam + sArangA + shankarabharanam + kAmbOdhi + devakriya + bhoopalam - MD

08. marulu konnadhirA (jaavali) - kamas - Poochi
09. sApashyat kausalya- jonpuri - Panchapakesha Shastri

10. sAgara sayana vibhO - Bhageshri - MDR
11. thillana - dheem dheem tata dhirana ...tamamsam .... sreenivasa -yadukulakAmbOdhi??? - Poochi???
12. nee nama roopamulaku - mangalam
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#2 Re: Ramakrishnan [email protected] Music Circle on Oct 20th,2019

Post by rajeshnat »

The day was sunday had to choose between 2 tough choices [email protected] or [email protected] , atleast since i just heard prasanna very recently and with the annanagar start advertised as 6pm, i thought let me hit anna nagar.

Annanagar music circle is away from core carnatic belt of mylapore and mambalam belt . I usually never go late for concert but underestimated the travel time .Due to deepavali rush and with few roads near the venue being dug up with rains it was a nightmare to drive my car on time . I lost roughly 15 to 20 mins, a fellow rasika told me the first was varnam and the second i could not get it at all

As I got seated the RKMurthy who has the maximum overlapping typecast of KVN was starting the ravichandrika krithi. KVN has taken historically a lot of ariyakudi, a lot of MMI and MDR for sure . THe mmi popularized niravadhi sukhada of KVN and MMI has a lot of aesthetic overlap. The krithi also has lovely cittaswaras which i am assuming that GNB school does it with atleast 2 rounds of cittaswaras. Once i heard a memorable chittaswaras from sanjay , RK Murthy settled very well with a measured neraval and swaras and there was no cittaswaras . KVN was in full swing in ravichandrika there.

THe next was a rare alapana . I thought may be it was kaikavasi and then i thought it was perhaps cintamani . THe cintamani indeed was right , the shyama sastri devi brova samayimmidhE took me to an intense zone of classicism with a free trip to Kamakshi temple to kanchipuram. The joy of cintamani was musical beauty at its best .The next devagandhari was not a big contrast to cintamani but definitely the semmandification happened in vinaradha manavi and he did very well.Swaras in devagandhari are bit risky to race as it can fall into arabi land , but RKM did well without trespassing to ARabi and stayed in devagandhari zone even with a slightly faster speed in devagandhari.

Todi alapana was chiselled just like KVN , no big time nadaswara pidis like somu , no fast podi sangathis like SSI or MMI but todi was indeed enjoyable . I was mentally running two krithis then .With many T krithis already completed , i thought he may likely sing karthikeya which is a tamil song or may be a second choice of krishnam bhaja manasa . I connected perfectly with the once LA lakers boy . Indeed as i guessed the fine karthikeya kangeya in chennai super king KVN fashion was sung with right emote and melody. This song by papanasam sivan is a spectacular composition , sivan gave a run for todi vageyakkara maharaja sadguru thyagaraja swami . The lines are layered in such a way to give so much todi rajagopuram effect and RKM did a fine job. I was expecting a neraval but there was no neraval , perhaps he saved his lung space and he went to swaras . Swaras in todi was well done , as i was thinking where is SSI , MMI or Somu nothing of that came in , measured and censored todi was all there .It was allout KVN watchful with measured aggression of todi.

POst tani everything was well done the time was exact 8 pm . I thought RKM may head for very likely RTP. But there was no RTP for annanagar . With he starting moulav ganga i was thinking the semmangudish nadanamakriya will be a likely finish of maulav ganga. As i was wondering what a nice start it was in shree ragam, I did not anticipate moulav ganga to spectacularly land in chaturdasa MD ragamaliga shree vishwanatham. Lovely oomph for atleast 11 to 12 ragas, lalitha could have had bit more its own serene raga bhavam . The nattai somewhere was just pass , But all the rest was very well done . The edifice of Dikshitar that too his musical intellect to place shankarabharanam and kambODhi next to each other was audacity at its best and for all musicians this is one big Test of a krithi.

THe kamas tailending spin was nice but i enjoyed the most with his lovely sagara sayana vibhO . KVN has been so meticulous in taking MDR spins and RKM took up that lovely bhageshri krithi to create that rich musical aura . THe thillana was rushed i think it was poochi's thillana in yadhukulakambOdhi???, quite unsettling I did not get the clear raga bhavam .He sang some time before mentally asserting No to semmangudification and Yes to KVNification for the Jonpuri sapashyat kausalyam- i personally love that number.

The man of the match was a tough choice , I would give it to L Ramakrishnan. L ramakrishnan knows the exact azhuttam (press) and every bow touch is having a rich classical and melody quotient with no harsh note.Every return in alapana was in the zone of few greats of today, with this form he will fall soon in the zone of S varadarajan/akkarai/Hnbhaskar /NagaiSriram etal gang . THe youngest kishore ramesh had his appa R Ramesh in the audience and had his paramaguru Karaikudi mani aasirvadham away from the venue . He had plenty of strokes in his arsenal and he took the concert to an excitement zone , he only needs bit more muscle.THe intensity that he played for say the song niravidhi sukhada was at its best but towards the second half energy level slightly waned but with RKM leisurely approach he was ok not to have that much energy as . His tani was well done .

I spoke briedly and wished a lady
Next to me in a side row there was a lady . I have seen her in few occassions in Los Angeles and towards the end of my visit once in LosAngeles , one of the concert accquintance then told me that lady was mother of RKM. WIth vijaya, daughter of TRS putting shruthi box , at that moment during the end of the concert, in my head an incident popped . I recalled an incident once when TRS mama rushed to mother of deekshita venkataraman and said Deekshita is a great singer and praised deekshita's mother Mrs Venkataraman.

With that in mind , as i walked out just next to my row I said in tanglish to RKM Mother "You are RKM mother right , you have a great musical son". Then tanglish went into tamil . RKM Mother said "Yes i am .Thank you are you coming from near annanagar" . I said "NO I am not from annanagar". Then she told "I have seen you somewhere for sure , by any chance did i see you in LosAngeles" .I said "Yes and asked if she reads rasikas.org" . She said "I dont read often but some times i read". I wished her again and left .

As i was walking back to my car I was wondering RKM's few anecdotes in tamil which was so good in the concert .RKM talked a bit about 14 raga maligas of MD and after cintamani song , he narrated how SS sang the devi brova samayamidhE .RKM is intelligently and brilliantly marketing himself , make no mistake if you dont know how to market dont even come to CM .More than his pure tamil brief contextual speech , the backup music is also deep,varied and classical .

I will sign off now this review as i am sure RKM mother will read atleast this review .We are losing bit of mindshare to the one sided facebook scrap of reviews and splinter whatsapp notes. I guess this rasikas.org PHPBB is the best forum for appreciating classical music as anyone can write far more than what i have written with both agreements and disagreements unlike facebook which becomes bit cloying at times. CM appreciation and medium to appreciate may move on in different directions but karthikeya kangeya , shree vishwanatham, nivravadhi sukhada , devi brova samayamithe and saagara sayana vibho will stay.I am ok with no RTP despite start of 6 pm when instead of RTP there is a slightly ok compromise of shree vishwanatham.

Overall an excellent to outstanding concert for 2 hours and 45 mins.

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#3 Re: Ramakrishnan [email protected] Music Circle on Oct 20th,2019

Post by rshankar »

Is it kArtikEya kAngEya or kArtikEya gAngEya? If it’s the former, what does kAngEya mean in this context?

09. sApaSyAt kausalyA... (no m at the end) viewtopic.php?t=7545

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#4 Re: Ramakrishnan [email protected] Music Circle on Oct 20th,2019

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rshankar wrote: 21 Oct 2019, 18:22 Is it kArtikEya kAngEya or kArtikEya gAngEya?
It is gAngEya (गाङ्गेय).
kAngEya = the result of the Sanskrit word transliterated in Tamil, and from Tamil once again transliterated in English (erroneously).

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#5 Re: Ramakrishnan [email protected] Music Circle on Oct 20th,2019

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I attended a recent concert of SRI. RKM. I feel he is going from strength to strength. His concerts have great programming and good accompaniment. His voice culturing is showing good results. Someone highly experienced in this art form complimented him, saying that being an NRI he had mastered Samskrita and Tamil pronunciation. RKM said it was all taught by his guru.

Sri. Ramakrishnan has impressed me by his violin accompaniment. As Rajesh said, he brings a combination of brevity and rightly accented phrases. On occasion his violin restores the Swara sthana alignment also for the vocalist.

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#6 Re: Ramakrishnan [email protected] Music Circle on Oct 20th,2019

Post by bhasi »

Thoroughly enjoyed this review @rajeshnat!

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#7 Re: Ramakrishnan [email protected] Music Circle on Oct 20th,2019

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The two songs that I missed which I came to know today were
1) sAmi ninnE (varnam) - shankarAbharaNam - Adi - vinai kuppayyar
2) nIkEla nAyeDa - dEvamanOhari - Adi - pUci shrInivAsa ayyangar (s)

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