Sanjay Nag, Mani Krishnaswami Academy

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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#1 Sanjay Nag, Mani Krishnaswami Academy

Post by sankark »

With Aditya Sandeep (V) & Ajay Gopi (M) ... 761426208/

Just 25 mins into this - I expect this to continue as good or even better! Miss this not.

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#2 Re: Sanjay Nag, Mani Krishnaswami Academy

Post by MaheshS »

Rama Bana - Saveri [S] - T
Marivere Dikkevarayya - Shanmugapriya [A,[email protected] Sannutangasri ...] - PSI
Rathna Kanchuka Dharini - Kambodhi [A,[email protected] Mandagamana Ullasini ...] - HMB
Thani Avarthanam
Rama Manthra - Jonpuri - PD
Pavamana - Saurashtram - T

Thanks @sankark, this was a bale bale concert indeed. The elaborate Shanmugapriya was fantastic. My mind was shouting Shankarabaranam next please .. but he took up Kambodhi which was a bonus as I've not heard this song by HMB before.

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#3 Re: Sanjay Nag, Mani Krishnaswami Academy

Post by rshankar »

ratnakancuka dhAriNi is a favorite of Sri TNS and his disciples... my all-time favorite is a fantastic rendition by Madurai Sri Sundar.

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