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Post by ganeshkant » 23 Jun 2009, 12:36

On 21st inst.I heard Late Madurai Somu's kutcheri in AIR's isaipettagam programme from 8:45 - 9:45 a.m.Every Sunday they broadcast a late legend's recording in this time.

The first song was Mahaganapatim,own composition of Somu set to raga Rishipriya.It seems a janyam of Kiravani without Dha in both arohanam & avarohanam.

Is there any other song in this raga,especially by the trinity?

The raga was very catchy and the veteran marvelled.The accompanists were VVS,UKS,Mayavaram Somu &Pudukkottai Mahadevan.All performed superbly.
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Post by naarayanan » 26 Jun 2009, 19:57

i think it is rishivani. i have not heard any carnatic composition in this raga. but raja has composed some songs in this raga. one that comes to my mind immediately is 'kamakshi karuna vilasini' in his devotional album 'geetanjali'.

it was reused as ' vaarayo unakke saran naangale' in the movie aathma.
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